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Struggling With Becoming a Professional

When I signed up to take Professional Writing I had done so because I knew the class had great potential to improve my professional writing skills. I knew I would be working on my resumé and my cover letter. I knew it would be all about the business world. I went into the class happily thinking–great, a chance to make myself focus on my future career! However, I don’t think I actually realize just how big of an undertaking this class would be. It has opened my eyes to just how unprepared for the “real world” I am.


Anthropology Today: Ethnographic Market Research

Business companies are starting to re-envision how products are developed and marketed to the consumer. As stated by Stephen Jackson, in his article “Breakthrough market discoveries often hide out in latent forms”, companies have begun to see that: “customers have difficulty envisioning new technologies or being locked in habits and thought processes developed over time” (2009). The solution has come in the form of anthropologic studies

The “Golden Rule” in Debate

In the world of business, should we treat others the way they want to be treated? If so, is there a point at which a person has crossed the line and is asking for too much?

Youth In Our Society

Quite often, I hear that the youth of our society have ruined our world or that there is no hope for our generation of youth. I firmly believe that when the youth of America are called upon to think and act responsibly for the good of the United States and the world, we, like previous generations of America’s youth, will rise to the occasion.