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Insight into What This Blog Is All About (Final Course Evaluation)

I started this blog for my Professional Writing Class in the Spring semester of 2010 and can easily say that writing the blogs was my favorite part of the course.  I hope to continue writing in this blog for many years to come as I found it very beneficial for multiple reasons.  But before I get into these reasons, I wish to address the major problem I had in this class; which is simply that I’m not yet at the point in my life where writing professionally is a necessity.   I obtained great practice and proficiency in learning how to write a resume and cover letter but yet I don’t have the qualifications to really support the need to write such documents.  It was very frustrating for me when I was asked to write the documents you see posted on this blog-site because I had to constantly struggle to find suitable reasons for why someone—anyone—would honestly want to hire me yet!  I’m school oriented and I find school challenging enough that I allow it to take up all of my time.  One of the things this class has taught me is that I really need to get involved in other things than school.  I need to show my interest in major in other ways.  For one, this class has brought about a realization that I should double major.  I spent many weeks thinking about my interests and what would be a good double major for me.  I hope to be starting a double major in marketing this up-coming fall and I am very excited.  As I stated before, I found starting and writing these blogs to be the most beneficial part of the course.  Mainly, this is because the blogs allowed me an opportunity to explore my major in anthropology.  The blogs allowed me the opportunity to read and explore anthropologic topics and scenarios that I had never been exposed to before.  I am very thankful for this chance to explore these topics, to write about them in a professional manner, and to share my insight with anyone who wishes to read what I have discovered.


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