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Relationship Communication—the Fundamental Differences in Discourse Practices between Men and Women

Hopefully, this will be my first blog of many concerning the research I did this semester on couple communication. I wish to thank my friends who helped me by filling out surveys and allowed me interviews and observations by showing them what their answers allowed me to understand. I will be doing this slowly has there is a lot of information I need to cover. Here I address just one piece of literature I consulted written by Deborah Tannen.


What Makes a Hero?

What makes a hero? As a child we’re time and again asked to write about our hero. So often a child will pick a sports figure—a celebrity. They will talk about how this person is important to them by mentioning his impact on the sport or how they wish to grow up to become like this person because of frivolous reasons, such as fame or money. Picking a sports icon or, any celebrity, has a serious issue which can be easily illustrated with Tiger Woods’ fall from grace.