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Back Evil Beast–BACK!

I wrote this just to express my frustrations with school as the end of the semester draws closer.  I believe that all writing holds a meaning and reveals a lesson.  I believe the reader who would get the most from this would be a college student, or someone thinking about going to college.  Picking a major is just one hurdle.  The real hurdle is not letting the workload drown you.

It does not get easier after your first year at college.  From freshman to sophomore and from sophomore to junior my work-load has steadily increased.  I’m constantly expected to handle a larger work load each new semester–and I got to tell you, it’s a trying experience.  I’m already feeling over whelmed by the prospect of this semester’s end.  My bad habits seem to only be magnifying the complexities of college.  Mind you, I’m not trying to complain.  I knew when I chose to go to college it wasn’t going to be a cake-walk.  Even knowing this, it’s beyond disconcerting to feel like you’re drowning–unable to break the surface in an ever mounting sea of school work–and you’re not even sure what it is you want to do with your degree.

I’ve tried my hardest to find a path to my future career that will leave me content for the rest of life.  I understand that people usually trade careers many times throughout their lives now.  I think, the fact that there is a lack of certainty when it comes to your future job now might be the very reason I chose anthropology as my major. I’m not being taught pacific skills that are only applicable to one trade.  The skills I’m honing are good for a variety of careers.  I’m perfecting my group skills, my analytical skills, my writing skills, my comprehension skills.   Heck, I think one of the most remarkable skills of an anthropologist are their ability to place themselves in another person’s shoes.  In this globalized world, how is this skill not applicable to every facet of human existence?  Everything I’ve learned has taught me about the mechanics of human beings and I love to soak up the information like a sponge. However, the ambiguity is also reason why I’m having such a crisis of conscience.  I’m following this wonderful major in which I’m allowed to choose almost any area to study (as long as it applies to humanity) that the sheer lack of a focus point is becoming disconcerting.   I basically stumbled across this major when I was going to Hillsborough Community College in my attempt to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.  I can vividly remember declaring my major in transfer student orientation and thinking it’ll be cool to study human culture. Then, there is the even more disconcerting fact that, though my major is applicable outside of academics most people give blank faces when they hear the word anthropology.  So, if I’m not careful in choosing my studies I’ll end up having a useless degree because people won’t understand how my degree can benefit their company.

Despite the negatives, I believe I chose my major carefully; I understood that this might be one of the hardships I would have to endure.   I do not think I foresaw that the college workload would be such a daunting task; in fact, it has become so daunting that it’s affecting my strength of will to even continue to go to college.  I know I did not foresee this.  I have lost sight of my goal and how I wish to attain it.  I know what I want to do to try to fix what I’ve lost but that implies that I first survive this semester.  After this semester, I plan on trying to double major in marketing.  I hope that is gives me a new focus that I can more easily obtain.  I wish to focus on beginning a career in this field and then eventually getting a master’s in cultural anthropology.  I have no idea what I want to do my dissertation on though; but this isn’t important at this point in time.  I got to get a Bachelor’s before I can even worry about a Master’s. I hope that after this semester I have the chance to rearrange the priorities in my life to help redistribute the mounting pressure that is my school load.  I think doing this will help to remind me of the importance of why I’m in college in the first place.


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