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Considering the Myth of Standard English

Why is having proper grammar so important? How can someone write a grammatically correct sentence when using improper grammar? Last Monday in my Business Writing class the importance of Standard English came up in reference to using other languages when writing to publish in English. Well, the first thing one should realize is the idea of “proper grammar” is a fallacy.


The Avatar: Relating Anthropology to the General Public

This movie is extremely fascinating to me because of all the different ways I can relate it to anthropology. More importantly however, is the fact that anthropology is so hard to relate to the general public. I even have had a hard time trying to describe it to other college students who are more exposed to the field of study. After I saw this movie I became so excited because I immediately saw its potential as a tool for relating anthropology to the general public.

You Say You’re Majoring in Anthropology?

A quick glance at the misconceptions concerning anthropologists: what they do, who they are, and the many areas that they work in.