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A letter to future college students or newly entering college students

To all of you future or incoming college students out there—or maybe current one’s just looking for a mental pick-me-up during a hard time—remember never let obstacles get in-between you and your goals. According to Murphy’s Law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong.  Things happen in our life that we cannot control, be it in our social, academic or job life (or maybe even both).  Now that I am a junior in college, I can easily say that I have a fair amount of experience in dealing with the problems that arise due to Murphy’s Law.  I’ve had to deal with my social life causing me undue amounts of grief (I’ve had serious matters, such as a death in the family, to trivial matters, like relationship issues with my boyfriend.) while at the same time I’m dealing with three out of four classes having five-page papers due all on the same day.  I’ve had many-many-many past failures, a majority involving writing papers.  I can remember many a night having tears torn from my eyes as I struggled with the realization that I must let my high standards down as the most important thing had become simply finishing the assignment.

My high standards have been groomed through overcoming past hardships and exceeding even my own expectations.  I ended up having to repeat my first grade year of elementary school because I wasn’t showing the proper progress to move on to the next grade level.  I battled with learning how to read and write all the way up to the end of my third grade; then we moved to Florida.  It was then that my family and I discovered my learning disorder, that I have dyslexia.   By the sixth grade, I had a complete turn-around when I scored eleventh grade reading level and I was in all advanced classes.  Once in high school, I continued to excel in advanced classes eventually taking AP Composition and AP Literature.  Now in college, I hold myself to the same standards I have long since developed.  I enjoy performing above standard.  I want to stand out and be more than a mediocre student.  It tears me up when I have to let my standards fall.

When I have had to face the reality that I’m not going to succeed in pulling off the perfect grade, the trick has always been to remind myself that I cannot hold myself to unreasonable goals. Even the best and brightest of individuals will have hard times with which they must deal.  I must always remember to balance setting realistic goals and to always strive to do better and meet higher standards in the future.  Priority number one is completing the assignment to the best of my ability, in a timely and efficient manner.  Most importantly, even if I cannot complete the assignment on time, I must remember that I didn’t lose the war, only the battle—I can still achieve everything I’ve set out to do.  Never give up!  Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try again.  If you are currently feeling as though you’re about to break down from all the weight being piled upon your shoulders, bear in mind that you are not alone.  Try to weigh the importance of all the jobs you’ve been given in your life.  Don’t let any one aspect of your life overwhelm all others to the point where you cannot function.  Never forget to remind yourself of your goals and why they’re important.


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  1. * mtvalentino says:

    This was so great to read, especially since I’m in the process of choosing the college that I want to attend next year. Thanks for the post!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 3 months ago

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