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Struggling With Becoming a Professional

When I signed up to take Professional Writing I had done so because I knew the class had great potential to improve my professional writing skills.  I knew I would be working on my resumé and my cover letter.  I knew it would be all about the business world.  I went into the class happily thinking–great, a chance to make myself focus on my future career!  However, I don’t think I actually realize just how big of an undertaking this class would be.  It has opened my eyes to just how unprepared for the “real world” I am.  Since the first week of class I have slowly stumbled along trying to get my feet under me as I struggle to simply figure out how to apply my major to entry-level job opportunities.  It’s mind-boggling to me that I’m having to struggle this hard because  Anthropology has so many strengths outside academics (just review  my blog about ethnographers in the business field for an example).  This class has successfully pushed me to realize that I have not been trying nearly hard enough to succeed once I leave college.  I have now done hours and hours of reading about the different career opportunities available to me in this field of study.  I have pulled hair out trying to focus my interests and deciding how I should best approach my future.  Due to this class I even made an appointment with USF’s Career Center to make sure I’m on a good career path.  I now realize that I should be trying to find volunteer work that applies to my major because it would show my dedication and love of the field.  Most importantly though, this class has shown me that I should be trying harder in school.  That I should try to pull off some type of double major; maybe one in Anthropology and Marketing–maybe even this double major along with a minor in Religious Studies.

I do not think of myself as a slacker.  I believe I try hard in every area I apply myself to.  Now though, due to this class, I do believe I have been seriously lacking when it comes to what I’m going to be doing once I leave the academic world behind.  I believe that this class has been just the fire I needed to get moving.


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