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Relationship Communication—the Fundamental Differences in Discourse Practices between Men and Women

Hopefully, this will be my first blog of many concerning the research I did this semester on couple communication. I wish to thank my friends who helped me by filling out surveys and allowed me interviews and observations by showing them what their answers allowed me to understand. I will be doing this slowly has there is a lot of information I need to cover. Here I address just one piece of literature I consulted written by Deborah Tannen.


What Makes a Hero?

What makes a hero? As a child we’re time and again asked to write about our hero. So often a child will pick a sports figure—a celebrity. They will talk about how this person is important to them by mentioning his impact on the sport or how they wish to grow up to become like this person because of frivolous reasons, such as fame or money. Picking a sports icon or, any celebrity, has a serious issue which can be easily illustrated with Tiger Woods’ fall from grace.

Reflections On This Semester

This has been one of the most trying semesters I’ve ever had. I believe the main reason is due to the reliance on group activity. The fact that three out of four of my classes relayed on groups to complete assignments that were worth a heavy portion of my final grade was a real challenge. In all but one of my classes the group project experience was horrid. However, I can easily say that all the groups were a collective learning experience for me. So, here are some of the problems and lessons I learned in written out so that I may reflect upon them. I hope that others can read this and take away some knowledge to make their own group-work experiences more productive. At the very least I hope that if someone is struggling with their own college group-work experience that my words help to give them peace of mind. You are not alone!

We Are the Argument Culture

This entry is really an extension of my entry, titled Youth in Our Society. Here, I discuss Deborah Tannen’s view of the Argument culture (American culture) and how metaphors shape language and culture.

Back Evil Beast–BACK!

I wrote this just to express my frustrations with school as the end of the semester draws closer. I believe that all writing holds a meaning and reveals a lesson. I believe the reader who would get the most from this would be a college student, or someone thinking about going to college. Picking a major is just one hurdle. The real hurdle is not letting the workload drown you.

Considering the Myth of Standard English

Why is having proper grammar so important? How can someone write a grammatically correct sentence when using improper grammar? Last Monday in my Business Writing class the importance of Standard English came up in reference to using other languages when writing to publish in English. Well, the first thing one should realize is the idea of “proper grammar” is a fallacy.

The Avatar: Relating Anthropology to the General Public

This movie is extremely fascinating to me because of all the different ways I can relate it to anthropology. More importantly however, is the fact that anthropology is so hard to relate to the general public. I even have had a hard time trying to describe it to other college students who are more exposed to the field of study. After I saw this movie I became so excited because I immediately saw its potential as a tool for relating anthropology to the general public.

You Say You’re Majoring in Anthropology?

A quick glance at the misconceptions concerning anthropologists: what they do, who they are, and the many areas that they work in.

A letter to future college students or newly entering college students

This semester has been an emotional roller coaster mentally, physically, and emotionally. I’ve been constantly bombarded with more work than I can achieve in the amount of time I’ve been given, and so I feel, in times such as this, it is important to remind myself, and others, that things will not always go my way.

Avatar: Evaluating The Themes

The first of a multi-unit piece talking about the new blockbuster movie: Avatar. In this one I speak on two the the main themes of the movie: colonialism and ecology.